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We answer personal questions, share personal stories, provide emotional support, discuss the latest prostate cancer research breakthroughs and treatments, share resources.  We do not give medical advice.

Anyone is welcome to attend any or all meetings. Once you join you will receive an email before each meeting containing meeting details (topic, time, speaker information, etc.)

Yes. Meeting information is posted on Facebook and the website so anyone can attend meetings via either avenue

Absolutely. We offer meetings both in person and via Zoom. If you want to attend via Zoom, you just need to let us know so we can email you a link.

You may turn your camera off and there is no expectation to talk. You may use the Chat option if you would like to communicate or feel free to unmute and ask questions or share.

There is no expectation for anyone to talk or share. Everyone has different comfort levels and we respect that.

Both in person and Zoom meetings are free.

Only to give others respect and respect the privacy of others.

Anyone from anywhere can join or attend meetings – in person or via Zoom, any time.

All are welcome to attend (partners, caregivers, friends, relatives).

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For additional information on Prostate Cancer, as well as medical facilities in your area, browse our resources listed below.

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Disclaimer: The LSW Prostate Cancer Support Group is run by volunteers and cancer survivors. We do not offer professional or medical advice. If you think you may have symptoms, or would like to know more about the risks, symptoms and treatment for prostate cancer, always speak to your doctor.