About Prostate Cancer Support Group

The LSW Prostate Cancer Support Group is a volunteer-driven self-help group for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, operating in the London, Sarnia and Wallaceburg areas of Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

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Who we are

The group is facilitated and run by volunteers and cancer survivors, and welcomes everyone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer in our areas.

You might starting your journey, or finishing treatment, or any point in between.

We also welcome partners and caregivers, who can also benefit from being a part of the community.

Our partners

We’re fortunate enough to be supported by our partners, who provide help in many different ways.

Supported by an educational grant from Bayer Inc.


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Want to join our group?

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Disclaimer: The LSW Prostate Cancer Support Group is run by volunteers and cancer survivors. We do not offer professional or medical advice. If you think you may have symptoms, or would like to know more about the risks, symptoms and treatment for prostate cancer, always speak to your doctor.