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My story began with my dad, who had prostate cancer. He had his removed in 2000 and passed three years later at age 74. My brother Bob was diagnosed in 2010 and passed in 2018 at age 70. My brother Todd was diagnosed in 2013 and had his prostate removed the same year. My brother Greg was diagnosed in 2018 and had his prostate removed 5 months later.

I began getting my PSA after my father passed away. I began to think more seriously about having it looked at when my brother Bob was diagnosed. I was referred to Dr. Chin at London Health Sciences Centre. He set me up for a biopsy and a digital test which showed an enlarged prostate. I had a PSA done every three months and an appointment every six months. When my PSA and Gleson score increased, I opted to have my prostate removed. In September 2018, I had a radical retropubic prostatectomy. It is now 2022, and I feel good!

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