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To the best of my recollection my journey started when I was in my early to mid 50’s, with a bout of prostatitis, I was given antibiotics and the inflammation subsided for the time being. This diagnosis would be treated multiple times over the course of 4-5 years.

I was eventually diagnosed with an enlarged prostate in my late 50’s and prescribed various medications to control my urinary symptoms. PSA results were still within range for someone my age. When I turned 60 my PSA numbers started to rise, doubling to 11.4 giving rise to have a biopsy performed in September 2016. As feared, I had prostate cancer, Gleason score 3+4 at age 62.

I had a decision to make. Active surveillance was not an option, so I needed to decide between a radical prostatectomy or radiation. It was an extremely difficult decision, underwent surgery November 26, 2016.

My biggest regret was not having researched my diagnosis in more detail, however knowing what I know today I am confident I made the right decision. Access to a support group at the time would been a valuable resource, not forgetting to mention the emotional support in knowing I was not alone in my journey.

After my recovery I was relentless in finding a support group of survivors. My family was very supportive throughout my ordeal, but I needed more.  I was starting to heal physically but needed emotional support for my mental well-being.

I am now 6 years cancer free, retired and living life to the fullest. My involvement with the local prostate cancer support group has been and continues to be a rewarding experience.

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